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Courage to care

It won't come as a surprise that the ones who decide to take on the world's hardest problems aren't like most folks.

We are passionate and unwavering in our pursuit, driven towards growth personally and professionally, but what truly defines us is our heart. We care. We care about doing a better job than anyone else, hustling harder and outperforming the competition. We care about the smallest of details that many would consider insignificant, but we understand their value. Above all else, we care about each individual - the customers we can positively impact and the people we work beside day in and day out. This is our most powerful asset and our beacon.

It's simple really, the ones who care the most about making a positive impact on the world are the ones who will. Not only will these good intentioned rebels make the world a better place today, they will have the opportunity to leave a meaningful mark for generations to come.

Everything in our world once didn't exist, it is all made up. You just need the courage to care enough to make your mark.

Customer Experience







Our culture is built on a foundation of tested values. We look for people who's values align with ours, and we know, if the case, they will accomplish great things at Benefix and in life.

Be a Light

You consciously respond to situations, good and bad, calmly and optimistically. You’re a force who brings a positive light to all you encounter.

How Others Feel Matters

if you were walking through a crowded room, you’d be aware of each little bump into someone else and how that made them feel. You feel what another person is experiencing from within their frame of reference.

No Finish Line

You feel personally rewarded for a job well done and are rewarded professionally by the impact you make. You do whatever it takes.


Your curiosity defines your own direction and you don't follow blindly or wait to be directed. A self-starter, passionate about always challenging the status quo.

Be R.A.D.

(Refreshingly Authentic and Direct) – being on a championship team requires trusting your teammates. Trust is the bedrock of the best relationships, and with it, you are able to be your authentic self while being direct with others to make them better.

Own It

It's not just what you do on the field, it's how you act on the sideline that has a major impact on others. You're always responsible and own your mistakes.

Do the Right Thing

Even when no one else is looking and when something may not be in your own self-interest, you stand up for what is right and remind others when they may falter.


Company paid benefits. 100% paid.

The future of health insurance and benefits starts on our home court, we want our team to have peace of mind and not be burdened with the unknown.

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Health membership

However you like to stay healthy, be it a gym, yoga, Crossfit, or acupuncture (really!), we have you covered.

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Cell phone + plan

One less thing to worry about. We'll cover your phone and your monthly plan.

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Stock options

We believe in inter-dependance, we're all in this together and we will make a difference together. We all share in ownership.

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Social events

We make a point of finding time for fun as a team. We've rented out movie theaters, jaunted through the amish countryside on scooters and – we can't wait to see what's next.

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Stocked kitchen

We have you covered on the drinks, snacks and fridge.

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